Repair of parts and mechanisms was how our business began. This led us to enter deeper into the passionate and unknown world of welding.

The complexity and variety of material on the market, requests, and the design flaws of some welding joints, has allowed us to specialize in the repair and the study of "why" that part or welded joint has broken.
Not only do we care about why it has broken, but what the best way of repairing it is and how the new welded joint will affect the material structure, so that the initial request can be recovered and improved, if possible.
Cracked PSA block Cracked PSA block    
Truck tank     Truck tank
In our workshop or at the client's workshop (field work repair) we repair all types of material, for example.
  • Steel castings (cast iron)
  • Special steels, steeled and treated
  • Stainless steel
  • Refractory steel
  • Inconels and nickel base
  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Brass and bronzes
  • Plastics
The most common parts and industrial sectors in which we work are:
  • Industrial vehicles, cars, public works and agricultural machinery: intarders, intercoolers, gearboxes, carters, fuel tanks, engine blocks, etc.
  • Boating: engines, tails, manifolds, heat exchangers, railings, etc.
  • Heavy industry, boiler, food, etc.: Conduction of liquids, gases and vapours, recharge, reservoirs, radiators, heat exchangers and reactors, etc
Engine block hole Engine block hole    
Engine block repair Engine block repair    
We also do small runs of welding and manufacture tools for industry and structured welding, carried out by qualified welders.

You can make any query through this site. Remember to send photographs of the part to be repaired if possible, as this helps define the solution.

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