Owners or business contracting the manufacture of good equipment, structure or welding construction have every right to demand that the manufacturer meet the quality requirements to ensure a good outcome. This demand often forces the hiring of an independent inspector, by the owner or contractor of the equipment or structure, to ensure and verify that quality requirements have been successfully met.
Our company will perform the inspection function carefully, because we not only have experience in equipment inspection and quality control, but we also know welding, giving us the ability to recognize the "tricks" that occur throughout the manufacturing process.
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This inspection will ensure that what you have contracted from a manufacturer meets the minimum requirements of quality and safety required. In this way you can assure the payments made to the manufacturer ensuring that your equipment is being built correctly.
Our company offers:

  • Collaboration with independent laboratories.
  • The experience of welders.
  • Continuous training and collaboration with The Catalan Technical Institute of Welding, part of the CESOL body.
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David Arnau, the figurehead of the company, is the European specialist in welding, Number 197 of the European Welding Federation since 2003. He is also an experienced welder and qualified mechanic technician.
The joining of the theoretical part of welding together with the practical part, allows that the inspection is challenging because it takes into account the need of the end customer, the problem of the manufacturer and the expertise and qualifications of the welder.

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