The welding coordinator is the bridge between the interests of the owner of a team or structure, the engineer, architect or their respective departments and the manufacturer who has to carry out the production or construction.
An engineer or architect does not have to know the requirements and specifications that encompass the world of welding. This is why the role of welding coordinator has been created.

The person who understands the responsibilities to be met by the manufacturer or the equipment or structure assembler is the welding coordinator.
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A coordinator will verify that the manufacturer or assembler meets the strict standards encompassing the world of welding to ensure the quality and safety of the welded joints and among other functions, he will verify that whoever completes the manufacturing meets the following guidelines:
  • The holding or acquisition of approved processes in accordance with the work to be performed (according to UNE-EN ISO 15607-2003)
  • Qualified personnel on staff according to UNE-EN ISO 287-1, able to do the job properly according to previous processes.
  • Compliance with regulations on health and safety at work.
  • Control and specifications of the base material and input (certified according to the manufacturers casting).

Other work of the coordinator, that helps to ensure results is:
  • Assessment of the capacity of the manufacturer or builder for welding activities.
  • Assessment of the suitability of subcontractors.
  • The need to test before welding according to UNE-EN ISO 15613.
  • Planning control of the construction or work, assessing the appropriateness of the actions of the manufacturer or builder.
  • Control of welding equipment and personnel.
  • Controls of: welding preliminaries during welding, and a visual inspection after welding.
  • Valuation of destructive and non-destructive testing.
  • Final evaluation and preparation of registration documentation.

With us you can find the company and/or professionals that will efficiently complete your work or equipment.
Hiring a welding coordinator not only complies with current regulations, but also ensures quality and work safety on the work carried out.

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