This website provides advice on issues related to the world of welding. David Arnau, (European Welding Specialist, No. 197, associated with The Catalan Technical Institute of Welding and welding inspector) is an active specialist that not only does inspections but is also a welder, and therefore knowledgeable about the technical issues and practices of quality welding.
Here you will find the person and/or team that:

  • Will inspect equipment or structure.
  • Will qualify a welding process.
  • Will approve a welder.
  • will teach welding classes.
  • Will manufacture a difficult welding joint.
  • Will repair a part of any material.
David Arnau - Inspections and Welding Solutions
Welding quality is paramount and to achieve it, it is necessary to know all the variables and processes involved, so as not to leave the final outcome to chance, seeing that in many cases the soldered joints are joints of high responsibility.
The start of welding quality control begins with the specifications of the materials that it is made from, their proper storage and maintenance, etc.
Followed by control of the welding joint design, control of the welding monitoring process during implementation and the monitoring of the inspection program.
Only this will ensure a job well done, and not leave anything to chance.

Ensure the success of your production and/or repairs by contacting us via the following email a specialist will get in contact with you.

Thank you.
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